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World AIDS Day 2019 – Know Your HIV Basics

World AIDS Day 2019 – Know your HIV basics

This World AIDS Day 2019 (1 December), we are asking you one simple question: Do you know your HIV basics?

The basics of HIV are actually quite simple. We know how it’s passed on, we know how to test for it, and we know how to use treatment to keep people living with HIV healthy, meaning they can live into old age.

But every year, people visit our website with very little knowledge about HIV. We need to spread the word about the basics of HIV – can you help us?

We created a series of five explainer videos, called ‘HIV: the basics’ that help people to understand key information about HIV. The videos talk through what HIV actually is, how it's passed on, how you can protect yourself, the benefits of HIV testing, and how antiretroviral treatment saves lives and lets people live well with HIV. We also give you five facts to fight common HIV myths.

Watch the videos and share your favourites (or all of them!) on your social media platforms this World AIDS Day 2019.


What is World AIDS Day?

Every year on 1st December, the international community unites to observe World AIDS Day. This is a day to remember those lost, to increase awareness and understanding of HIV, and to galvanise the response to the epidemic.

At the time of the launch of the first World AIDS Day in 1988, a person living with HIV had a very short life expectancy. But today, antiretroviral treatment means that people living with HIV can survive and thrive into old age.

This transformation is down to an unprecedented global response, thanks to grassroots activism, and the mobilisation of global resources and political commitment. You can explore the entire history of the HIV epidemic in our interactive timeline.

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Last updated:
27 November 2019