Newly diagnosed March 2017

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Newly diagnosed?
Finding out can be a shock
But there's no reason why you can't flourish and achieve all your ambitions

Pod 2 March 2017

A photo of a young couple laughing in a field
Am I ready for sex?
It's a personal thing
What's most important is that you do it when it's right for you

Pod 3 March 2017

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The easiest test you’ll take
Deciding to test is the best choice you can make
It's quick, confidential and judgement-free

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"I have learnt a lot about myself since my diagnosis and how I deal with things; I have become more"
"I'm just afraid to label myself. I want my freedom to learn, to grow, and to experiment."


"At first I thought it was nothing serious...but then I started to lose weight..."


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