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Our vision, mission and values

Young people celebrating

Our vision is a world with no new HIV infections, and where those living with HIV and AIDS do so with equality and the support they need.

Our mission is to ensure widespread knowledge and understanding of HIV and AIDS, in order to reduce infections and improve the lives of those affected.  We will do this by promoting innovative approaches, partnerships and action to inform and empower.

Through our organisational values we strive to be:


We are an independent charity with no political or religious agenda. We are committed to providing quality information on HIV – based on sound evidence – which can save lives and improve the global response.

Thank goodness for folks like Avert who deal in facts and compassion!


We are responsive to changing trends in the HIV epidemic and in technology to ensure our digital information and education offering and our partners’ work remains relevant.


We have more than 30 years of experience providing quality information on the HIV epidemic that individuals know is correct and current. We have developed relationships based on trust with our international partners to help advance their work and impact.

Thank you for providing such important, useful information in an accessible format.


We understand the power of new approaches, information channels and technologies to support change and will promote innovation to reach those who need to know across all we do.


As long as there is a need we will endeavour to make a valuable contribution to the prevention of HIV and the ending of AIDS.

Photo credit: ©Corrie Wingate for Avert. Images used on this site are for illustrative purposes only. They do not imply any health status or behaviour on the part of the people in the photo.

Last updated:
21 February 2019