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HIV is still a major global health problem, with nearly 35,000 new infections every week. But less than 4 in 10 young men (age 15-24), and only 3 in 10 young women, have full and correct knowledge of how to prevent HIV.1

Knowledge really is power – and when empowered with the right knowledge people can prevent HIV.

That’s the simple reason why and our other digital channels are so important – they provide relevant, good quality, up-to-date, unbiased, evidence-based, easily accessible information on HIV.
AVERT is a certified member of the Information Standard, an NHS accreditation that recognises our health information as accurate and trustworthy.

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Reaching those who need us most is the only global HIV and AIDS resource of its kind – providing accessible sexual health information for individuals and in-depth resources for professionals working in the HIV response. Each year we reach millions of people in every corner of the world with this vital information.

Our public pages provide accessible information on what HIV is, how it is transmitted and prevented, how to get tested, and how to live healthily with HIV. The site also provides sex-positive information about sex, sexuality and STIs and sexual health for adolescents (and adults) who may not be getting useful or accurate information from family, teachers or peers.

Altogether,’s public pages provide a comprehensive resource for adults and adolescents alike.

Just got tested for HIV/AIDS today. I really appreciate the great job teaching and counselling you are doing
- Avert public information user

Supporting professionals in the HIV response also provides up-to-date, referenced information to support professionals working in and around the HIV response in civil society, academia, education, health and other areas.

Whether it’s an up-to-date understanding of the epidemic in South Africa you need, or programming information on prevention of mother-to-child transmission, our professional resources are there to be used and shared – and to avoid others needing to duplicate investment to generate this knowledge.

Thanks for the work you do in Africa in the area of HIV. I use info from your website regularly and I am glad you keep updating it. Keep up the good work.
- professional user

Reaching young people on their own turf…

Our social media channels have been developed as an integrated part of our digital strategy and work as a source of informative, educational content in their own right – reaching young people, in particular, in the places and in ways that fit in with their lives.

We are continually scanning the digital landscape to see where those who need to know about HIV are meeting and talking, so we can be there too to provide a helping hand.

I gone through your posts on your wall, ur doing good job and it’s so helpful, keep it up!
- Avert Facebook fan

Our Global work is helping to bring about more knowledgeable people who are making informed choices about their sexual health.

Find out more about the impact of our global work.


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12 July 2018