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Map of users is the only global HIV and AIDS resource of its kind – providing accessible sexual health information for individuals and in-depth resources for professionals working in the HIV response.

Through our responsive website we reach over 8 million people a year with information on HIV and sexual health, verified as accurate by the Information Standard. We are also an accredited Google News provider.

Reaching those who need us most

Our public pages provide accessible information on what HIV is, how it is transmitted and prevented, how to get tested, and how to live healthily with HIV. The site also provides sex-positive information about sex, sexuality and STIs and sexual health for adolescents (and adults) who may not be getting useful or accurate information from family, teachers or peers.

Easy, basic and well-presented. Well done. I have got the basic knowledge about HIV and AIDS very easily
- user

Supporting professionals in the HIV response also provides up-to-date, referenced information to support professionals working in and around the HIV response in civil society, academia, education, health and other areas.

Whether it’s an up-to-date understanding of the epidemic in South Africa you need, or programming information on prevention of mother-to-child transmission, our professional resources are there to be used and shared.

It’s very authentic and comprehensive. I use it to refer my clients to read the online material. Thank you!
- professional user

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Last updated:
03 July 2019