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In an exciting collaboration, Avert and Hornet, one of the world’s premier gay social networking platforms, have joined forces to develop a series of targeted information campaigns for gay and bisexual men in the US, UK and Canada.

With all the changes in HIV prevention and treatment over the last few years, safe sex can mean something quite different from what it used to. Which is why we teamed up with Hornet, to guide men through everything they need to know about sexual health and HIV.

The video series (so far!)

Let's talk about sex

In our first video, Let’s talk about sex, we unpicked the jargon around ‘safer sex’ for gay men, giving guys the knowledge to make choices that make sense for them, keep them healthy, and give them the freedom to have fun.

5 reasons to test for HIV (again)

Next up was our 5 reasons to test for HIV again video, where we focused on the importance of retesting. We ran through some of the things people might not know about HIV testing and why it’s important to do it regularly.

Getting real about sex without condoms

In our third video, Getting real about sex without a condom, we explored gay men’s attitudes to condoms and the stigma surrounding raw sex. Getting the facts out there on HIV prevention methods, so guys understand their options and aren’t judged for their choices.

Alongside the campaigns we also launched a new gay health hub bringing together relevant resources from across

Looking ahead

Going forward we will be developing more videos in collaboration with Hornet, so stay tuned!


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16 May 2019
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Last full review:
16 May 2019
Next full review:
16 May 2020