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What is Boost?

Boost - a new mobile resource for community health workers

Boost is a mobile phone app and website designed to support the ongoing learning and work of community health workers across southern Africa.

Boost provides easy, up-to-date, visual and interactive materials on HIV, sexual health and now COVID-19, which community health workers can share with their clients.

Boost is:

  • free to download
  • usable offline
  • regularly updated with the latest information on HIV, sexual health and COVID-19.

Boost can help community health workers

  • explain key topics with their clients
  • deepen their own knowledge of topics related to their work
  • track their progress and incentivise them to learn more.

What content is available on Boost?

Boost covers topics from HIV self-testing and PrEP, dolutegravir, adherence, consent, COVID-19 and much more. All the information on Boost is clear, visual and easy to understand.

We have made the content interactive and easy to share, presenting information in slideshows, quizzes and myth-busters, and questions and answers. This allows community health workers to use the content with their clients.

A preview of the information on Boost

What can Boost do?

Boost has been designed to be intuitive to navigate and easily picked up by community health workers. Boost can be accessed at, from this website you can download the app, saving the content to any mobile device.

With Boost you can:

  • search all the content easily
  • share content from Boost via WhatsApp to others
  • mark and store your favourites
  • create an account to track your progress
  • join an accompanying facebook group to meet other users and discuss the information on the app.
  • get badges and awards to incentivise learning (coming soon)

For a full guide on using Boost watch this video:

A guide on how to use Boost

What to do next?

Find out more about how community health workers were involved in the project to co-create Boost and how your organisation can roll out the app.

Click to visit Boost now

Get in touch

Chat with us at our AIDS2020 booth
Facebook @avertAIDS
Twitter @Avert_org
Join the Boost facebook group for community health workers


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