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Brandon - being bisexual and happy

Like most boys of my age, puberty was an exciting and terrifying experience all at once. Feeling the incessant push of hormones and sexual curiosity, it seemed perfectly natural to understand my own body with my male friends before making the leap to the mystery that was girls. In doing so, I became comfortable with male sexual response and actually discovered that my interest in cock wasn't entirely clinical and held a modicum of aesthetic value.

Thing is, my mum had always advocated a live and let live approach to most situations, so I saw this as being a perfect application. In short, I never felt that exploring my sexuality was anything to be ashamed of or something that needed justifying; it just was.

So those early encounters where I got to feel what it was like to hold someone at the point of orgasm and to feel the swell and pulse of release served me well as I got older.  I'm fortunate to have been blessed with a face that appeals to both sexes. As a result, I have lived without boundaries and felt utterly comfortable along the way.

Misogyny and homophobia appal me equally, as does the alienation of bisexual individuals by some members of the LBGT community. Wake up - we're all different.

What we say: As you hit puberty and go into your adolescent years, you will learn a lot about your sexuality and identity. Like Brandon, you may find this to be a positive and enriching experience. During this time, it’s important to remember to stay safe, and always wear protection. For more information see our pages on PubertyHow to have Sex and Safer Sex.

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Last updated: 16 March 2018