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How to have sex

Whether you are in a straight or gay relationship, here you can read what to expect when you have different kinds of sex.

Some people like to be in a relationship for a while before they think about having sex. They want to get to know their partner properly to feel comfortable enough to be intimate with them, while some people wait until they are married before they have sex. Many people enjoy sex without being in a relationship – you will know what you feel comfortable with.

When you do have sex it’s important to talk about your feelings with your partner and be open and honest about what you want, and don’t want to do, sexually. It is your choice, your partner should not force you to do something you’re not comfortable doing.

The most important thing to remember is to use a condom. Many people say that they can enjoy sex more if they know they are being safe.

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A couple having oral sex
Be aware of certain STIs and use a condom or dental dam to have safer oral sex.


Two men embracing in bed
Lots of couples enjoy anal sex but it carries a higher risk of HIV than other kinds of sex.

Vaginal sex page.jpg

Young couple laughing in bed
Vaginal sex carries a risk of HIV, STIs, and pregnancy so always use a condom.

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16 February 2017
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