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Nir - using a condom for the first time

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My first time sex was yesterday. I am 18 and my girlfriend is 18 – it was the first time for both of us. First of all, we are dating for like two months and we always talk about everything. We both open to ourselves and can talk about everything! We both were never shy to each other – we were with our bodies at first, but now not anymore.

For our first time, we used a condom. But I had to change it like 3 times because she was dry and it was very painful for her. So I kept changing the condom, but it still was hurting. We tried to change the position, but it still hurt. When I started to feel good, it was hurting her too much, so I took my penis out and we decided to try again next time.

We both love each other, we started off as friends; we were open and talked about everything. Since we been together, I love her so much and that’s why I decided to sleep with her. I have no regrets about my choice because she the only one that I want to sleep with.

Don’t do it because your boyfriend tell you to, do it when you both ready and always use a condom!!

What we say: Sometimes, your first time having sex may not work out as you planned. It may take a couple of times before you both feel completely comfortable physically, even if you have talked things through beforehand. Making sure there is lots of foreplay and using lubrication can help things along. For more information, see our How to have Sex page and our Condoms and Lube factsheet.

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Last updated: 01 October 2019