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20 July 2015

New WHO guidelines emphasise community testing

New HIV testing guidelines from the World Health Organisation aim to improve and expand testing services globally. The guidance includes a new focus on the importance of community testing to increase take-up of testing as early as possible after infection.

14 July 2015

Millennium Development Goal 6 achieved 9 months ahead of schedule

The Millennium Development Goal (MDG) relating to HIV and AIDS – halting and reversing the spread of HIV – has been met and exceeded, as announced by UNAIDS today. 

The MDGs were established in 2000 – with targets ranging from reducing extreme poverty, to combatting HIV and AIDS, to providing universal primary education to all children by 2015. The sixth MDG relates specifically to halting and reversing the spread of HIV and AIDS by 2015, and achieving universal access to treatment for those who need it.