Talking HIV: Telling people about your HIV status

08 October 2018

Sharing your #HIV status can be daunting at any age, but for young people it can be even more challenging. In this episode, Gracious and Theresa share their experiences telling loved ones about their HIV status.

Gracious and Teresa chat outside

Peer educators, Gracious and Theresa, have had different experiences when it comes to sharing their status with others. For Gracious telling her partner was the hardest thing, while Theresa is most worried about her younger sisters knowing her status. 

Your relationship with a person might affect how you feel about telling them your HIV status, but remember people’s reactions can often be surprising. 

What would you say to someone worried about sharing their HIV status? 

Talking HIV: Gracious and Theresa

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Written by Francesca Harrington-Edmans

Content Editor