Talking HIV: Sex education in schools

24 September 2018

Avert’s podcast ‘Talking HIV’ is back again. This time sharing the voices of young people from across Southern Africa. In the first episode, Lisa and Godknows share their experiences of sex ed. at school.

Lisa and Godknows talking

Sex education is critical to giving young people the skills and tools they need to lead happy and healthy sex lives – but many are still not given this information. In the first episode of our new series of ‘Talking HIV’, we hear from Lisa from South Africa and Godknows from Zimbabwe, as they share their experiences of learning about sex at school. Both describe how teachers dodged and avoided the subject, being too embarrassed to tell the class what they needed to know. 

Did you get sex education at school? Was there anything missing from what you were taught?  

Talking HIV: Lisa and Godknows

To share your experiences with sex ed. you can leave a comment below or comment on our Facebook page. If you have a longer story you’d like to share – or maybe you’d like to record your own Talking HIV – you can get in touch here. Whether you are living with HIV, have been affected by it in some other way, or just have something to contribute, we’d love to hear what you have to say.

An audio version of this podcast is also available.

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Written by Francesca Harrington-Edmans

Content Editor