Talking HIV: changing the conversation about condoms

05 December 2018

“There are alternatives to using condoms that… we should explore or a least learn about… before we make an opinioned choice”

Greg Owen and Phil Samba

In this episode of Talking HIV, we talk to Greg Owen, co-founder of and Phil Samba, writer, social activist and PrEP user, about gay men’s attitudes to condoms and why they think, with all the new ways to prevent HIV,  it’s time to change the way we talk about condoms.

They describe feeling that gay men should have ‘greater freedom and agency’ to have conversations about sexual health choices, without fear of judgement. As Phil says there are ‘alternatives to using condoms’, and he thinks ‘…we should explore or a least learn about… before we make an opinioned choice’.

Listen to their full conversation in the video below.

What do you think about the way we talk about condoms? Is it time for a change?

Talking HIV: Greg and Phil

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Written by Francesca Harrington-Edmans

Content Editor