Talking HIV: asking for the sex you want

18 November 2019

"No one should feel ashamed talking about what they want, or if they had gonorrhoea or syphilis. It's just this thing we can talk openly about..."

Alex & Alex Hornet Talking HIV

In this episode of Talking HIV, we listen to Alex Garner, Senior Health Innovation Strategist at Hornet, and Alex Liu*, filmmaker, writer and sex expert of @Asexplanation, chat about all thing sex, shame and communicating about what you want to do in bed. The episode is released as part of Avert’s Gay Health video series with Hornet.

Alex and Alex discuss why everyone should feel able to have pleasurable and intimate sex - and that these connections can be found in both long-term relationships, or with someone you've just met.

But talking about sexual desires may feel like something that’s hard to do. For many gay men who’ve lived for decades alongside the HIV epidemic, the double challenge of negotiating safety and pleasure has left many feeling like they need to choose one or the other.

But new technologies, like PrEP and being ‘undetectable’, have “radically transformed how gay men can communicate with each other in terms of what they want," allowing the conversation that gay men can have around pleasure and intimacy to move forward.

Listen to their full conversation in the video below.

Talking HIV: Alex and Alex

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*Alex Liu's upcoming documentary 'A Sexplanation' looks to strip away shame from sex education and is due to be released in 2020. Keep an eye on his twitter for more info!