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Michael – turn living with HIV into a strength

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First being diagnosed feels like you have been given a life sentence. You feel isolated and alone. You are left within the whirlwind of your thoughts and emotions. It is a mental and emotional rollercoaster of coming to terms with the new reality that you have HIV.

Though it can be seen as a life sentence in terms of it being a lifelong medical condition, you remain free. This is one of many chapters in your life; with much of the journey and its conclusion still to be written. It is a new chapter and a new beginning of self-awareness, individual purpose, and happiness.

Living with this chronic condition undoubtedly has its calm waters and turbulent storms; but it doesn’t define who you are. You have the power to chart your course, on your journey through life. That being said, turn living with HIV from a perceived weakness into a strength.

Recognize it for what it is, but also have the realization that it brought forth positive change in your life. I know this to be true, because I too am HIV-positive. With one step forward at a time, let us enjoy this journey together.

Finding out you are HIV-positive can be a shock at first, and trigger some difficult feelings and emotions. But with the right treatment and support, you can look after your health and live a long and full life. Having a positive mental attitude really helped Michael to come to terms with having HIV – as he says, being diagnosed is just the start of a new chapter.

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Last updated: 31 July 2020