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Health & wellbeing when living with HIV

Taking HIV treatment keeps your immune system healthy, but there are other things you can do to stay fitter and happier like eating healthily and exercising.

HIV does increase your chances of developing other health conditions like TB, but there are ways you can reduce this risk.

If you are young and HIV-positive or are growing older with HIV, you may have questions. Here we address the many ways you can take care of your health and wellbeing, whatever your situation.

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Vegetable shopping
It is important to eat healthily and exercise for HIV treatment to be effective.


Tablets in a hand
It’s important to learn how to manage HIV and other health conditions together.


Woman with a sore throat
TB is more common among people living with HIV so make sure you test regularly.

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Young woman on a swing in the sunshine
Staying healthy and happy with HIV means looking after your mental health too.


Teenage couple in love
You can still enjoy the same things as other young people even if you’re living with HIV.


Old person holding walking stick
4.2 million people over 50 are living with HIV and manage it well – you can too.

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15 February 2017
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