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Here you can find simple, easy and interactive ways to learn about HIV and AIDS.

Challenge yourself to one of our quizzes or check out our fact sheets.


Serodiscordant fact sheet icon
Basic information on how to prevent HIV with Avert's downloadable fact sheets.


HIV & AIDS crossword
Challenge yourself, your friends, your family, your students to an Avert quiz.


In our personal stories hub, you will find a collection of real-life stories about testing for HIV, sexual health and sex.


HIV timeline
Explore how different people have been affected by HIV over the past four decades.


Know the score campaign image
Help us to promote happy and healthy lives around the world. Find out about our campaigns to increase awareness and knowledge about HIV and sexual health.


All our infographics, videos, audio and photo galleries brought together in one searchable hub.


Demonstration against homophobia
The latest international news, analysis and features on the HIV epidemic from AVERT.

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Last updated:
05 January 2018