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03 October 2017

How long do I have to take PEP?

If you think you may have put yourself at risk of HIV then you should begin taking PEP (emergency HIV treatment) within 72 hours (3 days). You'll need to speak to a healthcare professional to be prescribed PEP.

03 October 2017

You cannot get HIV from washing clothes

You cannot get HIV from washing clothes belonging to a person who has the virus. HIV cannot be transmitted through touch and isn't present in sweat. It also doesn't survive outside of the body.

03 October 2017

You cannot get HIV from tears

Tears do not contain HIV, which means the virus cannot be transmitted from contact with someone else's tears. 

03 October 2017

You can't get HIV from sharing a phone, tablet or computer

HIV isn't transmitted by touch, sweat, or saliva, so there is zero risk of exposure from sharing a phone, tablet or computer.

03 October 2017

Undetectable Equals Untransmittable

Many people living with HIV can achieve an undetectable viral load by adhering to antiretroviral treatment over a period of at least six months. Evidence has shown that as long as you continue to have your viral load monitored by a health professional to confirm that you are undetectable, then there is zero risk of you transmitting HIV to others and your health will not be affected by HIV.

03 October 2017

You cannot get HIV from sweat

There is no HIV in the sweat of an infected person. This means HIV cannot be transmitted through touch.

15 August 2017

The PARTNER study (2016)

Viral suppression for antiretroviral treatment prevents HIV transmission.

14 July 2017

How do you get HIV?

There are only four ways HIV can be transmitted.

14 July 2017

Condoms protect you from HIV

Unprotected vaginal or anal sex puts you at risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Condoms will protect you and your partner from these risks.

14 July 2017

Myths about HIV

Whatever you might have heard, there are only four ways you can get HIV.