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20 August 2020

HIV and AIDS in Tanzania

In 2019, 1.7 million people were living with HIV in Tanzania and 77,000 were newly infected. Of the adults living with HIV, 75% were receiving antiretroviral treatment.

20 August 2020

HIV and AIDS in Uganda

In 2019, 1.5 million people were living with HIV in Uganda, and an estimated 21,000 died of AIDS-related illnesses.

20 August 2020

HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has 1.4 million people living with HIV. AIDS-related deaths, however, have dropped from 61,000 in 2013 to 40,000 in 2019.

24 July 2020

Giselle – ‘Being trans in a place like Zambia is not easy’

Giselle explains how she dealt with experiences of self-stigma and ongoing discrimination as a transgender woman in Zambia.

24 July 2020

Sean – ‘People bullied me because I was too feminine’

Sean shares his experience of being bullied at school because of his sexual orientation, and how this made him become very introverted and defensive.

24 July 2020

Partiey – ‘We're making progress with people accessing services’

Partiey, a healthcare worker from Eswatini, talks about the positive impact of delivering tailored HIV treatment and prevention services to the LGBTIQ community.

24 July 2020

Adam – ‘It took me five years to start treatment’

Adam shares his positive experience of accessing HIV healthcare services in Eswatini.

24 July 2020

Aniz - ‘We have the right to access health services’

LGBTIQ activist Aniz Mitha talks about his experience of accessing healthcare services as a gay, HIV-positive sex worker in Malawi.

24 July 2020

Alexa – ‘My friends embraced me and my sexuality’

Alexa explains how she found support from her friends after her family rejected her for being a lesbian.

24 July 2020

Model C - ‘There is discrimination in healthcare facilities’

Model C shares her experience of stigma and discrimination as a transgender woman accessing healthcare services in Eswatini.