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19 November 2019

Talking HIV: asking for the sex you want

In this episode of Talking HIV, we listen to Alex Garner, Senior Health Innovation Strategist at Hornet, and Alex Liu, filmmaker, writer and sex expert chat about all thing sex, shame and communicating about what you want to do in bed.

24 October 2019

5 facts to fight the myths

There are lots of HIV myths around, but the facts of how you can get HIV, and how you can protect yourself, are very simple. Our HIV explainer video gives you five facts to fight the myths.

19 August 2019

What's involved in testing for HIV?

Our HIV explainer series talks you through everything you need to know about HIV. In this video, we look at what’s involved in HIV testing. Testing for HIV is quick, easy and confidential, and it’s the only way to know for sure if you have HIV.

09 July 2019

Talking HIV: Sex and sexual health in our communities

In our latest episode of Talking HIV, Shamal Waraich and Thobe Bandama talk about what it's like to live with HIV in their communities and why it's time to lift the taboo of talking about sex and sexual health.

28 June 2019

How does HIV treatment work?

The third in our new HIV explainer series. ‘How does HIV treatment work?’ tells you exactly what antiretroviral treatment does and what to expect from it.

14 June 2019

How do you get HIV?

The second in our new HIV explainer series. ‘How do you get HIV?’ tells you exactly how HIV gets transmitted from one person to another, and how to protect yourself.

14 June 2019

Lungile's experiences of supporting people living with HIV

Lungile Mabuza, an HIV treatment adherence counsellor from eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) talks to Thuthu Magalula, a citizen journalist, about her experiences of working with a severely stigmatised group.

16 May 2019

Young Voices Africa: How to say no

Chipo's boyfriend is putting her under a lot of pressure to have sex. She doesn't feel ready, but also doesn't want to end the relationship. Find out more about her dilemma by watching the animation above. What do you think she should do?

16 May 2019

Young Voices Africa: Unhealthy relationships

Martha's boyfriend is getting controlling. Find out more about her situation by watching the animation above. What would you do in her place?

16 May 2019

Young Voices Africa: Talking about HIV

Lineo has something on her mind that she wants to tell her boyfriend, but she's afraid of losing him. Find out more about the choice she needs to make by watching the animation above. What would you do in her place?