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12 July 2017

Keep girls in education to reduce risk of HIV

Giving girls better access to education increases their chances of a more stable economic and socially autonomous future, making them less vulnerable to being exposed to HIV.

12 July 2017

Let’s talk about gender violence and why #itsnotokay

An estimated 30% of women experience physical or sexual abuse from their partner and this makes them less likely to negotiate condom use and increases their risk of HIV.

12 July 2017

It’s ok to worry about sex

It’s normal to have concerns about sex, but sexual consent is important you should never feel pressured into having sex that you don’t want to have.

12 July 2017

Testing for women in sub-Saharan Africa

More needs to be done in making HIV services more available and appropriate to the specific needs of women living with or at risk of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa.