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09 July 2019

Talking HIV: Sex and sexual health in our communities

In our latest episode of Talking HIV, Shamal Waraich and Thobe Bandama talk about what it's like to live with HIV in their communities and why it's time to lift the taboo of talking about sex and sexual health.

28 June 2019

67 countries criminalise same-sex activity

The majority of Africa, along with the Middle East and Russia, continues to ignore and abuse the human rights of men who have sex with men. Punitive laws that criminalise same-sex activity drive this population underground, elevating their risk of HIV and preventing them from accessing healthcare, including HIV services.

28 June 2019

MSM are 27 times more at risk of HIV

There are biological, behavioural, legal, and social and cultural factors which put men who have sex with men 27 times more at risk of HIV compared with the general population.

28 June 2019

HIV and AIDS in the United Kingdom

Late diagnosis, though on the decline, remains one of the key challenges in prevention and treatment of HIV in the UK.

28 June 2019

United Kingdom 90-90-90 progress

Awareness and knowledge around HIV is dropping in the UK. A recent survey found that only 45% of the population could correctly identify all the ways in which HIV is and isn’t transmitted.

28 June 2019

UK new HIV diagnoses, AIDS at HIV diagnosis and deaths, 1998-2017

The UK has made significant progress in antiretroviral treatment coverage in recent decades. However, late diagnosis remains a key challenge.

28 June 2019

How does HIV treatment work?

The third in our new HIV explainer series. ‘How does HIV treatment work?’ tells you exactly what antiretroviral treatment does and what to expect from it.

14 June 2019

How do you get HIV?

The second in our new HIV explainer series. ‘How do you get HIV?’ tells you exactly how HIV gets transmitted from one person to another, and how to protect yourself.

14 June 2019

Lungile's experiences of supporting people living with HIV

Lungile Mabuza, an HIV treatment adherence counsellor from eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) talks to Thuthu Magalula, a citizen journalist, about her experiences of working with a severely stigmatised group.

13 June 2019

China - trends in transmission routes

Though HIV prevalence in China is relatively low, the epidemic has long been a major concern for key affected populations within the country, and is now of growing concern for the general population. The epidemic has shifted from high-risk injecting drug users to the general population.