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Targeted HIV information

Young Voices animation
Young Voices animation

We believe digital communication provides new opportunities to reach people who are most at-risk with tailored information on HIV and sexual health.

We work to reach and engage a range of priority groups – including young people who may lack HIV and sexual health knowledge, heterosexual men who are often reticent to access sexual health services, and men who have sex with men often facing stigma and discrimination. In 2018-19 our targeted information for these groups reached over 2.8 million people.

Reaching young people in Southern Africa

Across Sub-Saharan Africa a ‘youth bulge’ in the population means that record numbers of young people have recently, or will soon become sexually active. If this group doesn’t have the knowledge to make informed choices about their sexual health, the overall number of young people at risk of HIV will grow.

Our Young Voices project co-created an interactive package of sexual and reproductive health information materials with young people aged 15–24 across Southern Africa. In the first nine months after launch, our Young Voices campaign reached over 1.3 million people in Southern Africa, with over 840,000 engagements on Facebook and Instagram, and over 314,800 views of the videos (watching at least 50% or more).

This level of engagement has clearly demonstrated the appetite for accessible, youth-focused and youth-led information on HIV and sexual health.

A guy who loves you will not pressure you to do what is not right and what you are not comfortable with. He will respect you and wait.

- Facebook comment on Young Voices animation

Targeting gay and bisexual men

Through our partnership with gay social networking app Hornet, we have been developing a series of content for gay and bisexual men. So far the series has featured three campaigns focused on the new language of HIV status in an era of PrEP and U=U (Undetectable = Untransmittable), attitudes to condoms and sex, and reasons why it’s important for sexually active gay and bi-sexual men to test regularly for HIV.

5 reasons to test for HIV (again)’ targeted men in the US, UK, South Africa, Canada and Hong Kong. It reached over 86,500 people, with over 36,300 engagements and over 10,400 views of the campaign animation.

Alongside the campaigns, we also launched a new gay health hub bringing together relevant resources from across

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Last updated:
20 December 2019