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Evaluating Young Voices

How to use Young Voices

Young Voices is a pilot project, and we are eager to receive feedback on how it is being used, who it is reaching, and what’s working.

As part of this free set of resources, we only ask that users fill in a short survey to help us understand how the materials are being used, and to help us keep Young Voices relevant and effective. As Young Voices is a living resource, we will be incorporating feedback and improving this guide going forward.

Click here to access the survey and submit your data if you are working with an organisation. If you are an individual using Young Voices you can submit your feedback here.

Some of the indicators that we ask users to track include how they used the materials, if they are clear and accurate, and if you have any suggestions to improve Young Voices. We also welcome any examples of comic strip cartoons created – either through the online cartoon creator or using paper and pens offline. You can upload these while completing your survey, or email to [email protected].

For information, the survey data we are collecting is set out below.

User survey questions

The full survey online - for organisations OR for individuals.

1.    Which country (or countries) have you used Young Voices in?

2.    Which locality/region/country are you providing this survey information for?

3.    What did you use the Young Voices materials for?

Peer educator training / Youth group sessions / Youth friendly corner / CSE/life skills sessions / Other

4.    How did you show the materials?

Online on a computer / Downloaded onto a computer / Online on a phone / Downloaded onto a phone / Printed copies / Other

5.    Which of the Young Voices themes did you use?

Sex without a condom / Unhealthy relationships / Dating older people / Options for contraception / Talking about HIV / How to say no / When your boyfriend wants to stop using condoms / Do you always have to say yes to sex with your partner?

6.    Which types of resources did you use?

Videos / Comic sheets / Factsheets / Discussion questions / Online comic creator

7.    How many peer educators / facilitators have used the materials (estimate)?

8.    How many youth participants (15-24) have been reached using the materials (estimate)?

9.    Were the materials useful?

Very / Fairly / Not very / Not at all

10.    Do the materials work well with other materials you use or your set curriculum?

Very well / Quite well / Not very well / Not at all

11.    Were there any benefits to using the materials?

12.    Did young people find the materials engaging?

Yes, very / Yes, fairly / No, not very / No, not at all

13.    Have the materials enhanced your sessions / trainings?

Yes a lot / Yes a little / Not really / Not at all

14.    Are the materials clear and accurate?

Very / Fairly / Not very / Not at all

15.    Are the materials easy to use?

Very / Fairly / Not very / Not at all

16.    Are the materials relevant to your local context?

Very / Fairly / Not very / Not at all

17.    Do you have any suggestions to improve the materials?

18.    Do you have any completed comics to share?

19.    Would you be willing to do a short interview with our team for us to share as a case study?


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Last full review: 
20 November 2018
Next full review: 
19 November 2019
Last updated:
09 November 2020
Last full review:
20 November 2018
Next full review:
19 November 2019