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Young Voices Africa

Spijo, Lineo, Martha, Babalwa, Chipo and Mwaise are all facing dilemmas around sex and relationships – the same kinds of situations that may affect you, your friends, or your peers.

Whether it’s dating older people, an unhealthy relationship, having sex without a condom, being able to say no to sex, contraception options, or disclosing an HIV status – these are big decisions.

Through our characters’ stories you can get key information about each topic, think about their situations, and create a comic where YOU decide how their stories end.

spijo walking with friends after football
Spijo got carried away and forgot the condom. What should he do next?
Mwaise looking worried
Mwaise is thinking about dating an older man, but she is not sure. What should she do?
babalwe on her phone
Babalwa has some decisions to make about contraception. What advice would you give her?
lineo talking on the phone lying on the sofa
Should Lineo tell her new boyfriend about her HIV status? What would you do?
illustration of Chipo talking to her friends outside school
Chipo’s boyfriend is pressuring her to have sex and she needs some advice.
Martha chatting with her hair dresser
Martha's boyfriend is getting controlling. What should she do about it?
Group of cartoon young people chatting
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How to use Young Voices
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characters saying make a comic in speech bubble
End the stories your way. Get creative and make a comic that you can share with your friends.

About the Young Voices Africa co-creation project

Our Young Voices Africa project started in October 2017 when we brought together a group of young people from across Southern Africa for a week-long workshop. 

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13 December 2018