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'Ask a pro': Hornet's video series on HIV and sex

Sex should be fun, pleasurable and free of fear and shame. But unfortunately there's lots of confusion over how you can navigate having the sex life you want! There are now new ways to prevent and treat HIV which means that it shouldn't have to impact you having a fulfilling sex life.

Hornet, one of the world's premier gay social networks, has put together this awesome video series that provides answers to some of your burning questions on sexual health.

Can I get HIV through oral sex?

Can I Get HIV Through Oral Sex? | Ask a PRO!

What is PrEP?

What is PrEP? | #AskAPro!

How do I avoid STIs?

Hornet Asks a Pro: How Do I Avoid STIs?

My boyfriend is HIV-positive, but undetectable

My Boyfriend is HIV Positive but Undetectable | Ask a PRO!

Is having HIV a death sentence?

Is Having HIV a Death Sentence? | #AskAPro

I'm HIV-positive... now what?

I'm HIV positive... Now what? | #AskAPro!

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