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Natalie - testing for HIV wasn't hard

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I went to get tested for chlamydia and the nurse asked if I wanted to test for HIV. She said it like it was no big deal, she was just filling in boxes on her paper in front of her. It was a big deal to me though, my first instinct was, NO! I don't need an HIV test?

She then looked up at me and said that its normal to test for everything, shall we do it? I said ok, but inside I was freaked out! But she was just so calm and cool about it... I felt kinda silly.

I got a text a week later saying I was in the clear. It wasn't that hard…

After reading this stuff on your website, I've told all my friends to just do it. I feel better for having done it. Go get tested!

What we say: Testing for HIV can be a normal part of any sexual health check-up. It's important to consider testing so that you can put your mind at ease. Natalie's experience may have 'freaked her out' to begin with, but by the end of it she realised it wasn't that hard and has encouraged her friends to get tested too. Find out more about What's involved in an HIV test.

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Photo credit: © Tsvetkov. 

Last updated: 22 February 2019