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Where we work

Avert works globally and regionally to empower people with the knowledge, skills and tools to make informed choices about their sexual health.

Our global information and education site is accessed by people from over 200 countries and territories, from every region of the world.

Our four NGO partners work in local communities in Lesotho, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia.


School children in Malawi
Providing HIV prevention, testing and treatment services, including preventing mother-to-child transmission.
Avert's digital channels provide accessible sexual health information for individuals and resources for professionals.
South African grandmother with grandchildren
Empowering older people to care for their grandchildren and understand HIV, in the wake of a lost generation.
Youth group in Lesotho
Working with people at higher risk of HIV including young women and the LGBTI community.
Zambian teenage schoolgirls
Working with rural health centres to reach young people - giving them the life skills and HIV awareness to live healthily.

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Last updated:
23 September 2017