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Giving as an organisation

Young children playing in Malawi

How you can help

Foundations, trusts and companies play a major role in helping us to protect the next generation from HIV and AIDS.

Through long-term partnership, together we can tackle HIV and AIDS for key affected populations, for people in a particular country, or by developing innovative digital programmes. We can work together to help you fulfil your philanthropic ambition and make a real difference to people affected by HIV and AIDS.

By supporting Avert with an unrestricted gift or through a monthly standing order, you can also help us to be nimble, spend money where the need is greatest, and have more impact.

Avert's impact in stats


Although huge advances have been made in the fight against HIV, around 37 million people still live with the virus, and every day thousands more become infected. Without the right information, treatment and support, HIV means poverty, stigma and complicated health conditions for many.

Funding now, for future impact

By sharing knowledge, we empower people to protect themselves and others from infection, reduce stigma and improve HIV programmes globally. We reach thousands of people across the world every day and help to change the lives of those most in need in sub-Saharan Africa with grass roots partnerships.

Our work is scalable, measurable and changes lives. If you are interested in becoming an Avert supporter, please contact our Head of Programme Funding, Kate Harrison at [email protected].

Life has temendously improved for me and my family and helped to restore confidence and life in me. Thank you Avert!

- Janet, Malawi

Read our impact pages and our Annual Report to see how our money is spent and the difference it makes.

Avert is registered with the Fundraising Regulator in the UK, and is committed to best practice in fundraising.

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02 February 2018