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Our campaigns through and our social media channels are all about raising awareness and knowledge of HIV. If people have a better understanding of HIV, how it does (and does not) get transmitted, and how to live healthily with it, then we can reduce the stigma that surrounds it, reduce new HIV infections, and improve the lives of those living with HIV.

There are some simple ways you can support our campaigns – engaging with them to increase your own knowledge, sharing them with your friends and family, promoting them through your work, sending us your comments and feedback. It’s only by talking about HIV that we can make sure everyone has the knowledge they need to make informed choices.

Take a look at our past campaigns for useful resources and to get involved!

Last full review: 
25 November 2015
AVERT HIV timeline
To mark AVERT’s 30th anniversary, along with World AIDS Day 2016, we created an interactive, online timeline.
Still from Stand Up to HIV animation
Find out more about some of our past campaigns.

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01 May 2018
Last full review:
25 November 2015