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Fundraise for Avert

Fundraising for AVERT through the Wolf Run

A world with no new HIV infections. We believe it’s possible. By fundraising for Avert you can help make this vision a reality.

Fundraising for Avert has been a great experience as we were in constant communication and they gave us everything we needed for our events. Their work helping people affected by HIV is really inspiring, which helped us raise thousands of pounds!

- University of Bradford Red Ribbon Society

Fundraise for Avert

You can fundraise in a way that suits you best. You could…get active and take on a sporting challenge…have a laugh with friends by organising a comedy evening …or mark World AIDS Day at your work with a red cake bake sale.

How we can help you

Contact us at [email protected] for fundraising support and resources, including:

Your fundraising changes lives

I was living a difficult life of discrimination before. But now through the group I feel strong and supported. I’ve started a small business to better support my children. And other women even come to me for advice now.

- Mida, living with HIV, Malawi

The money you raise will help transform the lives of more people like Mida and prevent the transmission of HIV.

Thank you!

Life has temendously improved for me and my family and helped to restore confidence and life in me. Thank you Avert!

- Janet, Malawi

Read our impact pages and our Annual Report to see how our money is spent and the difference it makes.

Avert is registered with the Fundraising Regulator in the UK, and is committed to best practice in fundraising.

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Last updated:
02 February 2018