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Strategy and impact

As a small, focused NGO we are proud to have reached 10 million people worldwide last year. Our strategy aims both to increase this number year-on-year, and to ensure that we reach those who most need to know about HIV – allocating our resources to the right tools and locations, and focused on the right population groups.

Find out more in this section about our 2016-2021 strategy and the theory of change that lies behind it. Read about the impact of our work, download our annual reports, and explore case studies about our work in action.

Girl winking at camera
The focus in our 2016-2021 strategy is innovation to reach more people that need to know about HIV.
Two men hugging
Avert's digital work and NGO partnerships are making a real difference to local communities affected by HIV.
Three people holding up thieir hands in celebration
Avert’s theory of change underpins our strategy and explains how we will bring about change.
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Avert's recent Annual Reports.

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Last updated:
22 September 2017