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Mitch - bad sex education in school

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My name is Mitch and I'm 13. Keeping it short and simple we were told about puberty in grade 6. As my teacher discussed the matter we were all laughing. The main thing that they skipped was how sex really happened. Sure, they went into detail about the scientific way and all that, but no one said anything about the fact you can do it at a young age and girls can actually become pregnant.

All the girls I know at school can't wait for dating and things like that but when I asked them, do you really want to spend child years supporting a baby or working – they all said no. I just want them to spend more time on how it can affect your life in school I thought that's what school is for. Also I feel bad for everyone that have sacrificed their lives for their children, but I'm also happy to know the children are growing up in good conditions.

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Last updated: 01 October 2019