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Past HIV campaigns

Still from Stand Up to HIV animation

Standing up to HIV

For World AIDS Day 2015 we launched our 'Stand Up’ campaign.

46% of people living with HIV around the world (17.1 million) don’t know their status.1 Stigma is one of the main factors that stop people from testing.

Some people are so scared of HIV, what happens during a test, and what other people would think of them, that they are too afraid to test.

But why let fear get in the way of your health? By highlighting the myths and facts, we hope that we can empower people to stand up to their fears of HIV and get tested.

Get involved on in four easy steps!

1. Read our ‘I am worried about HIV’ page

2. Watch our 'Why am I so scared of HIV?' animation

Why am I so scared of HIV?

3. Check out our HIV stigma infographic

4. Help us get our message out there by sharing our webpage, video or infographic using the hashtag #StandUpToHIV

Now, are you ready to stand up to HIV and get tested?

Update Your Status

Last year, we ran our ‘Update Your Status’ campaign, calling on young people to test for HIV.

Our video followed a young couple who got carried away and didn’t use a condom. We wanted to spread the message that if you’re sexually active it’s important to remember HIV and take a test.

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