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Our approach

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As a small, focused NGO, AVERT has the benefit of being flexible, nimble and approachable in our work. Over the 30 years we have been responding to HIV, we have used our funds and expertise to contribute to the HIV epidemic where we could most add value.

We have a history of trying new approaches and ideas, speaking out when others will not or cannot, and basing our work on evidence of what does and does not work.

We have been and remain firmly rooted in the belief that everyone has the right to health and the right to equal access to HIV prevention, treatment and support services.

Cross-cutting lenses

  • We appraise and reflect on our plans and actions through a number of lenses so we can achieve wider impact on the most critical issues. These lenses include:
  • at risk adolescents
  • HIV-related stigma and discrimination
  • community voices
  • digital health
  • integrating HIV into the wider health, rights and development agenda.  

A knowledge and learning organisation

Embedding knowledge and learning in all we do is key to our approach and to the success and impact of our work.  We prioritise learning from and sharing with others across the sector and beyond, so we are best able to deliver the change we seek.

Monitoring and evaluating our success

We monitor and evaluate our efforts against our Theory of change’s four Response Results, our Desired Change, and a set of more detailed qualitative and quantitative indicators for each Response Priority.  

We will share important results, and continue to look outside and across the sector for new ideas and efficiencies to monitor and evaluate our work, and to better contribute to the wider HIV response.

Efficiency and sustainability

We are committed to ensuring we are a vibrant, effective and efficient organisation that is fit for purpose.  This includes investing in our staff and nurturing talent, bringing new efficiencies to our operations, and developing our governance to ensure transparency and compliance.  

A considered and achievable fundraising strategy supports the delivery of our four-year plan.  New partnerships and business development opportunities support the growth of our work, and also allow us to benefit from technical expertise and new ideas.


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Last updated:
13 October 2017