Talking HIV: stigma and how it has changed in recent years

24 October 2018

In this episode of Talking HIV, Rob and Tony from the UK, share their experiences of HIV stigma and some of the reactions they get when they share their HIV status.

Rob and Tony talking about HIV

Effective antiretroviral treatment (ART) now means that people living with HIV can live as long as their HIV-negative peers, and we now know that those with ‘undetectable’ viral loads can’t pass the virus on. Despite these drastic improvements to the health outcomes of people living with HIV, the stigma surrounding the virus has remained relatively unchanged.

In this episode of Talking HIV, Rob and Tony, from The Sussex Beacon (in Brighton, England) reflect on this stigma – how it has endured over time, even getting worse as the health outcomes get better. They reflect on the questions people ask and the language people use – explaining how these can perpetuate stigma.  

Can you think of any other things people say about HIV that might be stigmatising?

What are some ways that we can tackle HIV stigma?

Talking HIV: Rob and Tony

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Written by Francesca Harrington-Edmans

Content Editor