Talking HIV: New series shares real-life experiences of people living with HIV

27 September 2017

Despite its global impact, HIV remains a taboo in many places. In Avert’s revealing new podcast series we hear from people whose lives have been affected by HIV.

Two Malawian men talking

Starting in Malawi, we’ve brought people together to share their real-life experiences of HIV; from the emotional to the practical, the challenges they’ve faced, and their achievements. It’s open and honest conversations about HIV like this that can help to break down stigma and dispel myths.

Every week we’ll be releasing a new video featuring a conversation between people affected by HIV. Through this series we hope to encourage more of you to talk about your experiences and how HIV has affected your life.

In the first of our series we hear from Milton and Geoffrey. They’re both journalists who’ve been living with HIV for over two decades. They met at a press conference where they shared their experiences.

Talking HIV: Milton and Geoffrey

Milton and Geoffrey had differing experiences when it came to sharing their diagnosis with loved ones. Each faced their own challenges.

What would you have said to Milton and Geoffrey to help them through those times? Do you have any tips on sharing an HIV diagnosis?

Whether you are living with HIV, have been affected by it in some other way, or just have something to contribute, we’d love to hear what you have to say.

You can leave a comment below or comment on our Facebook page. If you have a longer story you’d like to share – or maybe you’d like to record your own Talking HIV – you can get in touch here.

An audio version of this podcast is also available.

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