Talking HIV: Motherhood and HIV in Malawi

18 October 2017

What's it like to be pregnant and living with HIV? In this installment of the series, Chifundo and Tiyamike talk about how they look after their health whilst pregnant and how the virus has affected their relationships.

Chifundo and Tiyamike chatting

For most first time mothers, pregnancy is a time of heightened emotions: anticipation, excitement, hope and fear. Living with HIV while pregnant adds another dynamic to the mix – though the good news is that the effectiveness of treatment now enables women living with HIV to have healthy babies.

Chifundo and Tiyamike are both pregnant with their first child and are also living with HIV. In the third instalment of our Talking HIV series they share their experiences.

Both Chifundo and Tiyamike found HIV affected their relationships with their partners. Both had to navigate issues of broken trust, the need to rebuild relationships, and the decision to face the situation together or apart.


Do you have any advice for anyone in a similar situation to Chifundo and Tiyamike? For anyone who is pregnant and living with HIV or for those in a relationship who have just found out their positive status?

Whether you are living with HIV, have been affected by it in some other way, or just have something to contribute, we’d love to hear what you have to say.

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