Talking HIV: the fear of going to the clinic

16 October 2018

For lots of people, the ‘fear of the unknown’ stops them from accessing sexual health testing and support. In this episode, Jim and Andy remember how they used to feel going into clinics and where they went for support. 

Andy and Jim chat at Sussex Beacon

Going into a clinic for the first time can be daunting. Lots of people are put off by worries about what it’s going to be like, who you’re going to see, or the thought that someone might see you walk in.

In this episode, Andy and Jim, from The Sussex Beacon (Brighton, England), remember how they felt when they were first going for sexual health check-ups and talk about how services have changed in recent years. As Andy explains, once you get used to it, going into clinics is ‘a walk in the park’.

What would you say to someone who was scared of getting their first sexual health test?

Did you have any worries that put you off at first?

Talking HIV: Andy and Jim

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Written by Francesca Harrington-Edmans

Content Editor