HIV testing kit that gives instant results to launch in UK

15 November 2016

New HIV test gives people instant results, in the comfort of their own home, enabling more people to access HIV testing when and where it is convenient for them. 

The world’s fastest HIV testing kit is to be launched in the United Kingdom (UK) ahead of European HIV Testing Week (18-25 November).

The INSTI Self Test can provide instant results compared to other home testing kits, which give results after 15-20 minutes, or several days or weeks in the case of samples sent to laboratories. With just one drop of blood, the INSTI Self Test can also detect HIV antibodies two weeks sooner than any other kit.

The test was developed by bioLytical Laboratories and is intended for use by the general public to help them access HIV testing. The test comes with a resource card and clear guidelines providing further information and other health services should they be needed.

Stan Miele, bioLytical's Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Our purpose in developing the INSTI HIV Self Test was to provide an easy, affordable, consumer-friendly solution that would empower individuals to take control of their health in a discrete way, and within the comfort of their own home. Consumers want to know their status as soon as possible. Now they can choose INSTI which detects HIV up to two weeks sooner than all other HIV home tests currently on the market.”

In the UK, 103,700 people are living with HIV in 2014 – Public Health England (PHE) estimate that around 17% of people living with HIV in the UK are unaware of their status.

Getting people testing for HIV, aware of their status and onto treatment is vital for curbing the rise of new HIV infections. Self-testing is a proven method to increase the number of people diagnosed with HIV as it enables HIV testing services to be taken out of health facilities and into communities.

Written by Caitlin Mahon

Content Specialist - HIV & Sexual Health