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The latest international news, analysis and features on the HIV epidemic from Avert. Share your views and expertise with your peers in the comments box below the articles.

21 January 2022

Test and treat increases access to work and education for people with HIV and their children

East African study suggests the economic benefits of providing immediate treatment outweigh the costs

19 January 2022

Stigma and a lack of HIV knowledge linked to low PrEP use

Brazil survey finds only 15% of men who have sex with men who qualify for free PrEP are using it

14 January 2022

Sex during pregnancy: the beliefs and practices increasing HIV risk

Infidelity and low condom use is common among couples expecting a baby in Malawi, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe

12 January 2022

Injectable PrEP approved for use in the United States

Urgent action is now needed so that people most at risk of HIV across the world can benefit

06 January 2022

Act now to tackle HIV drug resistance, WHO urges

The World Health Organization is asking countries to stop using certain types of antiretrovirals to address rising levels of drug-resistant HIV

21 December 2021

Risk of getting COVID-19 after being vaccinated higher for people with HIV

Evidence suggests people with HIV would benefit from third doses or boosters of COVID-19 vaccinations to avoid breakthrough infections


16 December 2021

Could traditional healers help increase HIV testing in sub-Saharan Africa?

HIV testing rates in rural Uganda rose by 77% when traditional healers were trained to carry out HIV tests

09 December 2021

Moving from two-test to three-test HIV diagnoses

World Health Organization releases new toolkit to ensure HIV testing remains accurate as HIV prevalence falls

03 December 2021

Integrating PrEP into HIV services in Kenya proves a success

Real-world study with 25 public HIV clinics increased PrEP uptake 20-fold – but are the right people being reached?

30 November 2021

World AIDS Day 2021: six milestone moments in the HIV response

To mark World AIDS Day, we reflect on the progress achieved over the past 40 years. Look back at the journey so far through these six milestone moments in the HIV response.