20 billion condoms by 2020 - a new UNAIDS target

18 February 2016
Couple with condom

Significant disparities in condom use between countries has led UNAIDS to establish a new global target to make 20 billion condoms available by 2020.

Ensuring that everybody knows about and has access to condoms is critical to halting the spread of HIV and STIs and achieving the Fast-Track targets - UNAIDS strategy for ending AIDS by 2030However, in some countries, only around 30% of people used condoms during their last non-regular sexual partner, according to UNAIDS.

In a press release (February 12), UNAIDS stated that every day, more than 1 million people become infected with a sexually transmitted infection (STI)with around 80 million unintended pregnancies each year. This is despite the fact that condoms are proven to be 98% effective in preventing STIs and HIV, and will prevent unwanted pregnancies if used consistently and correctly. 

UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director Luiz Loures said: “Investing in condoms saves lives… It is unacceptable that so many people are becoming infected with HIV and sexually transmitted infections because they do not have access to something as easy to use and low cost as condoms.”

Increased political commitment and investment in HIV prevention is needed to achieve this new target. This includes devising innovative and collaborative private-public partnerships to improve investment in, promotion of and distribution of condoms. 


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