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Talking HIV

'Talking HIV' is a collection of real-life conversations between people who have been affected by HIV. Each Talking HIV episode covers something different from testing for HIV, living with HIV, stigma and discrimination, self-stigma and a whole lot more.

Listening to other people in conversation - 'Talking HIV' - is a great way to find out more about HIV and how it affects people's day-to-day lives, relationships, families, careers, and outlook. It's also a way to reflect on your own experiences and can help you to understand that you're not alone.


If you'd like to share your own personal story, or have an idea for a Talking HIV episode then get in touch. You might have a conversation in mind that you've already had with a friend, a family member or someone that's supported you - or it may be that you and your healthcare professional would like to share a few moments that you've gone through together. Sharing your experiences helps others - it's good to talk!

Last updated:
30 July 2020