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16 August 2019

Middle East and North Africa 90-90-90 progress

Major gaps in the treatment cascade need to be strengthened if countries in the Middle East and North Africa are to meet the Fast-track 2020 targets.

16 August 2019

Zimbabwe 90-90-90 progress

Zimbabwe has a high HIV prevalence. Unprotected heterosexual sex continues to be the main transmission route for new infections.

16 August 2019

Nigeria 90-90-90 progress

Punitive laws against homosexuality mean that men who have sex with men face difficulties accessing HIV services.

16 August 2019

HIV and AIDS in Nigeria

Nigeria was home to 1.9 million people living with HIV in 2018. It's large population, however, means that this equates to a relatively low prevalence of 1.5% in adults - much lower than many countries in East and Southern Africa.

16 August 2019

HIV and AIDS in Myanmar

People who inject drugs are the group most affected by HIV in Myanmar. This is largely due to drugs which are farmed, manufactured and distributed in the northern regions of the country.

16 August 2019

Ukraine 90-90-90 progress

There has been a huge increase in antiretroviral coverage in recent years but the high rate of new infection threatens to outpace these gains. 

16 August 2019

Thailand 90-90-90 progress

Thailand is the first country to effectively eliminate mother to child transmissions, with a transmission rate of less than 2%.

09 August 2019

HIV and AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa

The Middle East and North Africa has one of the lowest HIV prevalences in the world, at <0.1%. It also has the lowest antiretroviral treatment coverage of any region, with only 32% of adults and 35% of children receiving treatment in 2018. 

09 July 2019

Talking HIV: Sex and sexual health in our communities

In our latest episode of Talking HIV, Shamal Waraich and Thobe Bandama talk about what it's like to live with HIV in their communities and why it's time to lift the taboo of talking about sex and sexual health.

28 June 2019

67 countries criminalise same-sex activity

The majority of Africa, along with the Middle East and Russia, continues to ignore and abuse the human rights of men who have sex with men. Punitive laws that criminalise same-sex activity drive this population underground, elevating their risk of HIV and preventing them from accessing healthcare, including HIV services.