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14 November 2017

Talking HIV: Motherhood and HIV

In this installment of Talking HIV, Chifundo and Tiyamike, women from Malawi, talk about their experiences of being pregnant and living with HIV. They share tips on how to look after your health and talk about the way that their diagnoses affected their relationships. 

14 November 2017

Talking HIV: Being young and positive

Jimmy and Favour are both 19 and have grown up living with HIV. In this episode of our series, Talking HIV, they talk about the challenges young people face, including stigma and give tips on how to overcome these. 

14 November 2017

Talking HIV: Making the drugs work for you

Chrissy and Fatima are both sex workers from Malawi. In this episode of Talking HIV they discuss how they manage their treatment, taking it at a time that suits them.  

14 November 2017

Talking HIV: Disclosure

Jimmy, Alex and Krishen are activists from the UK. They share their experiences with telling friends, family and love interests about their HIV status. They talk about the reactions they have had - the good, the bad and the surprising.

13 November 2017

Talking HIV: Relationships and sharing your diagnosis

To end stigma, we want to get more people Talking HIV. In the first episode of our new series, journalists from Malawi, Milton and Geoffrey talk about  how they shared their diagnosis with their partners.   

03 October 2017

Countries accounting for most TB deaths in people living with HIV

These eight countries account for 70% of the deaths from tuberculosis in people living with HIV. 

12 July 2017

New mum with HIV?

Keeping up with antiretroviral treatment after giving birth is an important way of keeping you and your baby healthy.

12 July 2017

National HIV/AIDS and ageing awareness day

Improvements in antiretroviral treatment now means that people living with HIV can remain healthy into old age.

12 July 2017

You can’t tell someone has HIV by looking at them

Taking HIV treatment consistently is key to living a healthy and long life when you have HIV.

12 July 2017

Kain on mental health and HIV

Looking after your mental health is as important as maintain good physical health when living with HIV.