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19 November 2019

Talking HIV: asking for the sex you want

In this episode of Talking HIV, we listen to Alex Garner, Senior Health Innovation Strategist at Hornet, and Alex Liu, filmmaker, writer and sex expert chat about all thing sex, shame and communicating about what you want to do in bed.

24 October 2019

5 facts to fight the myths

There are lots of HIV myths around, but the facts of how you can get HIV, and how you can protect yourself, are very simple. Our HIV explainer video gives you five facts to fight the myths.

03 September 2019

West and Central Africa 90-90-90 progress

Insufficient antiretroviral treatment provision means that West and Central Africa is the region most affected by AIDS-related deaths globally.

03 September 2019

HIV and AIDS in West and Central Africa

Although HIV prevalence in West and Central Africa is relatively low compared to East and Southern Africa, the region is home to 4.9 million people living with HIV.

24 August 2019

HIV and AIDS in Zambia

In 2018, the HIV prevalence rate for adults living in Zambia was at 11.3%, with 48,000 new HIV infections. 

21 August 2019

USA: new HIV infections among most-affected populations

The impact of the HIV epidemic in the USA is more serious among some groups than others. People of colour have significantly higher rates of HIV infection than white Americans.

20 August 2019

Eastern Europe and Central Asia 90-90-90 progress

Conservative legislation around same sex relationships, drug use and sex work continues to fuel stigma, obstructing the HIV response in some countries within the region.

19 August 2019

What's involved in testing for HIV?

Our HIV explainer series talks you through everything you need to know about HIV. In this video, we look at what’s involved in HIV testing. Testing for HIV is quick, easy and confidential, and it’s the only way to know for sure if you have HIV.

16 August 2019

Nigeria 90-90-90 progress

Punitive laws against homosexuality mean that men who have sex with men face difficulties accessing HIV services.

16 August 2019

HIV and AIDS in Nigeria

Nigeria was home to 1.8 million people living with HIV in 2019. It's large population, however, means that this equates to a relatively low prevalence of 1.3% in adults - much lower than many countries in East and Southern Africa.