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Young Voices: sex and relationships

illustration of Chipo talking to her friends outside school

Making decisions about sex and relationships can be tough. You might feel like there’s a lot of people out there trying to give you advice, but nobody’s really listening to what you have to say. Well, our new project, ‘Young Voices’, is here to give you the space to talk about sex and relationships – your way.

In a new series of videos, you’ll hear the stories of Spijo, Lineo, Martha, Babalwa, Chipo and Mwaise, six young people living across southern Africa. Each face their own dilemma relating to sex, relationships and HIV that could also affect you, your friends, or your peers.

Whether it’s dating older people, an unhealthy relationship, having sex without a condom, being able to say ‘no’ to sex, contraceptive options, or disclosing an HIV status – you can have your say on what you think the characters should do, and create your own comic to end the story your way.

So get stuck in, be honest, be creative, ask questions, and share it with your friends. We’ll also be publishing some of the best comics on

Help us get the real stories out there.

Here’s what you can do:

Spread the word about #YoungVoices

  • Watch the videos and let us know what you think.
  • Explore our comic-creator, using the four scenes to end the story how you like.
  • Share your comic on social media, via WhatsApp or Facebook, and get your friends to make one too.
  • You can also download and print the storyboards, so you can share them with your friends at youth groups or other events.
  • We have also created a Young Voices hub page, with these and other resources for young people in Southern Africa, which gives you all the info you need in one place.

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About the Young Voices project

Our Young Voices project started in October 2017 when we brought together a group of young people from across Southern Africa for a week-long workshop. We talked about the information available to them on sex and HIV – what’s good, what’s bad, what’s missing, where they felt misunderstood, and how they wanted to talk about sex and relationships. 

Together we created a series of videos and comics, on the issues that they felt were most important to them and their friends. Feeding in through Whatsapp groups after the workshop, they helped us to make sure that the stories in the videos looked and felt like real-life.

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