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Here at Avert, we create campaigns to increase the awareness and understanding of HIV and sexual health, around the world. We believe knowledge is power and think the best way to reduce new infections, tackle stigma and improve the lives of people living with HIV, is to get people talking!

So, take a look at our past and current campaigns and help us get these vital messages about HIV and sexual health out there by sharing them far and wide.

Last full review: 
24 November 2017
Next full review: 
24 November 2018
illustration of Chipo talking to her friends outside school
Young Voices was co-created with young people in Southern Africa and talks about sex and relationships their way.
Avert Know The Score campaign
Young people from East and Southern Africa tell us about their experiences testing for HIV as part of our #KnowTheScore campaign with Tackle Africa.
men folding arms
Our exciting collaboration with Hornet brings gay and bisexual men a fresh and up-to-date guide of the latest in sexual health and HIV.
Know the score campaign image
#KnowTheScore is our campaign to get young men in southern Africa testing for HIV.
Still from Stand Up to HIV animation
#StandUpToHIV. Help us empower people to get over their fears of what happens during a test, and what other people will think.
AVERT HIV timeline
To mark our 30th anniversary we created an interactive #HIVtimeline. It's a living resource - help us develop it.

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Last updated:
21 February 2019
Last full review:
24 November 2017
Next full review:
24 November 2018