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Getting real about sex without condoms

Gay health: Getting real about sex without a condom

There are more ways than ever to take control of your sexual health, yet many men still think of sex without a condom as being something that is always dangerous, or even wrong. We think it’s time to get the facts out there, so guys understand their options, and aren’t judged for their choices. After all, we now know that taking PrEP correctly stops you from getting HIV and that if you have an undetectable viral load you can’t pass HIV on.

Condom or no condom, sexual health is about more than just avoiding infections – it’s about being able to talk openly about your sexual health wants and needs without fear of stigma.

We’ve been starting conversations about attitudes to condoms – asking what needs to change in the way that we talk about HIV prevention. Explore the conversations below to hear people’s thoughts, and get in touch with us on twitter to let us know what you think.

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We want as many gay men as possible to have the knowledge and freedom to make choices about their own sexual health as possible:

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Let’s get real about raw sex!  @Avert_org have teamed up with @Hornet to share the facts on #PrEP, #U=U and condomless sex. Let’s understand options, not judge choices.

It’s time to talk about sex without a condom! @Avert_org and @Hornet break down the stigma around raw sex. Get the facts on condoms & #HIVprevention. Let’s understand options, not judge choices.

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Last updated:
07 November 2019